The Best Jewelry Pendants For 2018

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It is very difficult to imagine a true fashionista without an abundance of cocktail rings on her fingers, without fancy hair clips in her hair, and, of course, without the most unpretentious jewelry – suspensions and pendants. And that’s why today I want to talk with you about the most trendy jewelry pendants for season 2018

Locket Necklace: Conductor For Historical Relics

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Locket necklace is a piece of jewelry that came to us from ancient times, but it hasn’t lost its relevance even now. This entertaining jewelry adorned almost every girl’s neck. .....


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Acquiring jewelries is a celebration of good times, and all of us at Minawala have made it our goal to celebrate with you. Minawala’s mission is to delight and surprise it’s patrons wit.....

Why is Platinum Considered a Valuable Metal?

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Platinum is often the favourite choice when it comes to picking a precious metal for a pair of elegant earrings or a simple engagement ring, and this is considering the fact that it is even more expensive than gold. Why? In this article I am going to have a look at the advantages of choosing this more expensive option and why platinum is the ideal metal for a piece of jewellery.


How To Look After A Diamond Ring

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Diamond rings, especially engagement rings, are pieces that are most often seen sparkling on the fingers of females. Diamonds are the toughest stones and that’s one of the reasons why they aren’t always properly looked after. Seeing as a clean diamond will always look stronger than an equivalent specimen that is completely tarnished, it’s worth considering: how do you clean a diamond ring to make it shine with a revita.....