Adorning our wrists: a classification of bracelets

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Nowadays, any personal item can say a lot about its owner, from their status to their taste and style. As one of the oldest pieces of jewellery, the bracelet has long been used for a number of purposes: as an amulet and talisman, as a status symbol and even as a means of identifying the bearer in some way, by indicating a personal number, blood group or allergy. However, this item of jewellery is currently used as a fashion accessory that helps to express and emphasise the wearer's individuality......

Cocktail Ring: A Cry For Freedom

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Unique cocktail ring  is a crown of all accessories and jewelry. It is one of the most important adornments, and  it is particularly important in conju.....

Jewelry for any occasion: Rules and Mistakes

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You need to consider the entire image to the smallest details, so that everything looked harmoniously together.
And, naturally, one of the main components is jewelry......

Ring size measure: professional, "home" and engagement rings selection

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Many times we love to acquire things but we don’t know the dimensions of our body, and something very important is the measurement of the rings.

Cascading diamonds on a sapphire waterfall!

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Modern bride wants jewellery that reflects her personality and yet remains fashionable. Acknowledging this trend, Minawala presents its exclusively designed bridal set that is meant to capture the imagination and fantasy of a contemporar.....