TOP 10 Jewellery bracelets trends 2018

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Gurus of fashion industry rely on diversity and permissiveness, totally refusing the boring jewellery. The main slogan of 2018 is “No cheapness!”
So be careful while purchasing the next product – feminine chains and bracelets are trendy right now. And they must necessarily be made of precious metals and the same precious stones. Such jewellery bracelets will become an absolute .....

The Contemporary Classics

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The Contemporary Classics

~Exquisite Earrings Collection by Minawala~<.....

The Blush Collection by Ruby Ahluwalia

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Ruby ahluwalia designer and founder of Pristine Jewels brings to you her latest Valentines collection The blush collection.

Statement and one of a kind earrings and rings are crafted in silver with  american diamonds and rubies. Fancy shaped diamonds and rubies come together to create magic .
Spread love this Valentines season by gifting your loved one a jewellery piece to cherish from pristine jewels

Gold Jewellery: Birth Of The Legendary Passion

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Gold has been playing an important role in the world history and culture for thousands of years. Many ancient nations such as the Egyptians and Greeks deified it as a the sun. Ancient people also believed that the skin of their gods is golden.So it’s not surprising that this material is considered to be one of the most expensive, but at the same time – one of the most capricious. You should be able not only to choose the right type of gold jewellery – you should be able to wear it in a righ.....

Ancient Charm Bridal souvenir by Minawala

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Minawala is known to offer jewellery designs that create and narrate the explicit love affair between a bride and her jewels. It is for the modern bride who is not only looking for a timeless jewel that can be passed on as an heirloom but also something that is more wearable and pr.....